JVBMETALS was launched in August 2013, collating free news and other developments related to the metals industry. Having started as a virtual news ‘ticker’ running c. 20 stories daily, its focus now is higher level news, people moves and jobs. I’m not a headhunter and share these purely for the benefit of industry colleagues, though feel free to contact me if I can help you in any way.

All updates are published via Twitter at @MetalsInsider. If you would like to place my content on your website, or are interested in developing social media for your company, please contact me: jvbmetals [at] outlook [dot] com or just tweet me.

About me, the individual

I’ve been a wearer of many hats, with experience in account management, business development, product management, content, corporate communications, sales, marketing, events and publishing. I co-founded an online publishing business from scratch and sold it to a global media giant six years later. While most of my experience has been gained in commodities markets, I am interested in all markets and trading. Also in the digital economy, publishing, politics, technology, new business/social trends.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, this Venn is how my experience hangs together:

JvB Skills Context Venn

I’m a news junkie who keeps his finger on the pulse; a keen Twitter user with six active accounts, a blogger, a contributor in online forums and speech radio addict. Happy working solo, or with and alongside others, in the office or from home. At work I am candid, entrepreneurial, client-focused, problem-solving, hands on, decisive, impatient, perfectionist, curious, pragmatic, collegial. I’m a rounded individual who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

I like getting things done and am happiest working in a small or start-up environment where stuff happens. I genuinely enjoy the occasional crisis, all hands to the pump, putting out the fire.

I am available for long- or short-term assignments, open to consulting or collaboration, and always interested in new ideas. Having been around the block, I may be able to help. Do get in touch if I can assist you in any way.

Follow my personal updates on Twitter: @JamesvanBregt

Specialties: Metals, Minerals, Iron Ore, Commodities, LME, London Metal Exchange, CME, SHFE, Commodity, Precious Metals, Minor Metals, Base Metals, Metals News, Community Building, Communications, Marketing, Product Management, Copywriting, Reporting, Social Media.



Feedback is very welcome, contact me at jvbmetals [at] outlook [dot] com

For news updates via Twitter, follow @MetalsInsider

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