A change of pace and emphasis

Regular followers of this blog and its derived Twitter feed (@metalsinsider) may have noticed a reduced number of updates and a narrower range of articles in recent weeks. The simplest explanation for this is that the copywriting day-job (the one that pays the bills, that is) has been busier of late.

Having to prioritise focuses the mind and while there is satisfaction in the knowledge that the blog is useful for many metals colleagues, and gratification in watching the growing rate of clickthroughs, something has to give. As such, less time is now devoted trying to unearth hidden nuggets from the nooks and crannies of the internet, with more emphasis on must-reads and my favourite area, jobs and people. We are, after all, all keen to know who’s hiring and where the opportunities are, particularly in these testing times for commodities folks everywhere.

A faraway holiday looms here, during which I will be reflecting on some sad losses we have suffered in LME circles recently, namely my former colleagues, Malcolm Culley and Tony Lucas. I will also be thinking of Michael Morrice and his battle with cancer, in the hope that his final months may be as painless as possible.

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